There is more than one one way to get things done with monotone. Listed here is guidance in best practices in using monotone. Following these procedures will help you get the most out of monotone, and help avoid common pitfalls.

CommitEarlyCommitOften Making smaller changes makes it easier for others to pluck them
DaggyFixes Use the ancestry graph to save fix backporting and release management work
ZipperMerge Use the ancestry graph to save branch integration and merging work
BranchNamingConventions Name branches consistently
CreatingBranches Best way to create branches
VendorBranchPattern How to integrate other people's code into your project
?BranchAssemblyPattern Partition modules into branches, and assemble project with merge_into_dir
?DevelopmentBranchPattern Develop features on branches, and then merge
ReleaseBranchPattern How to deliver a project to other people
DifferentDbsForServeAndWork Keeping your work database and the monotone server's database separate
OneBranchPerDbForServe Don't keep all of your eggs in one basket
RunDbCheckOften Catch database corruption early
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