Idea 1

Have a command "branch". Usage:

  • monotone branch switch working copy to be (simply modifies MT/options).
  • monotone branch -r REV mark rev REV as being in branch (simply issues a branch cert)

Make monotone commit no longer accept a -b switch.

In all cases give the user feedback on whether they have created a new branch or not.

Idea 2

"propagate " could note/warn that a new "newbranch" will be created, and behave the same as "cert h:somebranch branch newbranch".

Idea 3

Some user experience:

Perhaps we should provide a switch command, which is similar to update, but:

  • requires a branch argument
  • if that branch exists, does update -b BRANCH -r h:
  • if not, switches the working copy to be on BRANCH

Idea 4

your idea here

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