[[!comment not clear if discussion is current]] Contact: ChristofPetig

A re-implementation of the cvssync architecture to be more modular, including a separate external process that interacts as a cvs client.

What is done:

  • mtn_cvs pull, push and takeover work with side branches and all sorts of strange setups (see tests) and are now attribute based

What needs to be done:

  • implement changed files
  • implement sane branch connecting (or share with cvs_import)
  • share the changeset-ification logic with cvs_import (I use the most simple approach for now)
  • write documentation
  • write migration helpers for the old branch

What can be put into mainline:

  • the piece_table abstraction can be shared with cvs_import (once I had committed the change)
  • all automate extensions (the synchronization commands are about to change again to use attributes, so they might wait)
  • the mtn_automate class (C++ wrapper library to access monotone via automate)
  • the mtn_cvs directory infrastucture can be put into mainline but can wait as well until it's finished

Status: Work in Progress

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