Syntax of commands that delete items from the local database was changed in version 0.99 of monotone, the following example should help understanding the differences.

Always remember that deletions cannot be propagated through netsync, so the deleted items will come back if you sync with a database that still has them.

Killing a single revision

The command formerly known as db kill_rev_locally was simply renamed to local kill_revision:

$ mtn-0.48 db kill_rev_locally <REVISION_ID>
$ mtn-0.99 local kill_revision <REVISION_ID>

Killing a branch or a tag

On the other hand the old commands db kill_branch_certs_locally and db kill_tag_locally were replaced by the more powerful local kill_certs command:

$ mtn-0.48 db kill_branch_certs_locally <BRANCH_NAME>
$ mtn-0.99 local kill_certs b:<BRANCH_NAME> branch

$ mtn-0.48 db kill_tag_locally <TAG_NAME>
$ mtn-0.99 local kill_certs t:<TAG_NAME> tag

The new command is much more flexible since it can kill any kind of certificate on any groups of revisions which can be selected using a selector.

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