CvsSync rewrite #3

This page just serves as a notepad to introduce you to the more esoteric features of cvssync3.

  • CvsSync uses attributes to store information about file revisions and metadata and directory metadata. Repository metadata is stored as root directory attributes.

  • CvsSync interfaces cvs and mtn via pipes

  • CvsSync (mtn_cvs) uses mtn infrastructure (ui.hh, sanity.hh, options.hh) while beeing an executable on its on

  • CvsSync includes a C++ class interface to monotone automate process !

Notes on discussion with Nathaniel during Monday

  • consider using certs for up-to-dateness of revisions

  • ? remove SHA1 attr, use explicit vs modified attr for takeover

  • clean up and generalize put_revision

  • consider attr only cvssync info storage by branching

  • put filename into RCS dotted version attr? (because of renaming)

  • maybe add cvs average date into a attribute, too

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