Some tasks for improvements to documents:


  • reference docs for automate commands actually document the different tokens that can appear
  • duplicates this reference stuff in comments

user documentation

  • improve the getting started entry points, perhaps into several different documents with stories told from different perspectives:

    • a quick worked-through example, with commands and output and very brief comments (links to more details) for a quick overview
    • someone getting started on a new, blank project (like juicebot)
    • someone pulling down an existing monotone-hosted project (like monotone's MonotoneProjectServer page; even a template for other projects to stick on their sites to help get users started, with links back to monotone doc for more details)
    • someone looking to migrate an existing project from other-VCS to monotone
    • someone looking to use multiple VCS's in parallel, perhaps while trialling them, via .cvssync or tailor
    • source-code tour (see for a good example in another project)
    • ... ?
  • A good writeup of similar ideas:

  • a "usage guide" document (or set of wiki pages, even) on common patterns, BestPractices, TipsTricksScripts, etc

    • why you should commit before update, why you should pull and merge before pushing, etc
    • a good description of how to use branching and propagate; see savannah #6523 and possibly using the BranchAnalogy
    • njs (in particular) is constantly coming out with cool little shell snippets using "monotone list ..." and "monotone automate ..." commands.

advanced / internals documentation

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