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The ability to import past project history from CVS and make it available to future development (so that diff, log, and other operations work as expected.

Partially Supported

monotone can import cvs history, including collecting together changes in multiple files into synthesised change sets. The cvs_import command provides this feature; this is just one of several ways of working with MonotoneAndCVS.

The primary limitation is that CVS branches are presently not attached to the revisions they branched off from: each is an independent linear history. Work is underway to resolve this limitation.

Example Usage

To import a full CVS history, you need a copy of the cvsroot ,v files:

 $ mtn -d /some/path/ cvs_import -b org.project $CVSROOT/dir

This will create a branch called org.project with contents and history that you would get from cvs co dir. Any CVS branches in that history will be created with names like org.project.cvs-branch-name.

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