Using Monotone on Debian

Monotone packages can currently be found in the Debian repositories. Monotone changes very rapidly and versions in sarge and etch may be slightly dated. It is recommend that you use the monotone package from the monotone website or the version that is in sid/unstable which is generally kept up to date.

apt-get install monotone

Running a Monotone Server on Debian

The easiest way to run a monotone server on Debian is to install the monotone-server package from etch/sid (or from the monotone website). This package handles creation and management of a monotone database and key pair and also includes scripts for stopping and starting the server. The package will also attempt to do db migrate and similar operations if necessary during upgrades.

Building Sarge packages with pbuilder

The sarge monotone packages are currently built with pbuilder running on debian testing. Pbuilder basically extracts a minimal debian system (of a chosen distro) to a temporary directory, chroots there, installs neccessary build-deps, and then builds the given package. pbuilder create is used to create a base image (tarball). Note that pdebuild is easiest to run as root, due to the chrooting.

Since sarge has too old a version of boost, 1.33 is built (using pbuilder) for sarge then linked to monotone statically. (I can't find the my build directory for boost, there probably weren't many caveats. I may have had to disable ICU support? - MattJohnston). The sarge boost .debs can then be placed in a directory such as /var/cache/pbuilder/localpackages/. Create a script /var/cache/pbuilder/hooks/D70results with the contents

cd /var/cache/pbuilder/localpackages/
/usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null > /var/cache/pbuilder/localpackages/Packages
echo "deb file:/var/cache/pbuilder/localpackages ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
/usr/bin/apt-get update

and to /etc/pbuilderrc add the line below, so that those packages are found within the pbuilder instance.


To build the actual monotone package, untar the release tarball or perform a fresh checkout and neccessary auto* incantations (a clean checkout is required, otherwise pdebuild will try to tar up old .o files etc and it will be very slow). Edit debian/changelog and change the version to something like 0.32-sarge0.1. At the top of debian/rules, add a line


The sarge version of dpkg-buildpackage doesn't like the ${source:Version} substitution in debian/control so replace it with the now-deprecated ${Source-Version}.

The build process can be run in the source directory (as root) simply with pdebuild. The output .debs should end up in /var/cache/pbuilder/result. The can then be installed and tested with a standalone testsuite. Run ldd /usr/bin/mtn to check that only one libstdc++ has been included.

The resultant package should also be usable on Etch (at least as of 20070214).

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