People requesting funding

Lapo and Gabriele

we shouldn't "need" anything, meaning that we can probably manage, though a bit of help would not be unwelcome of course ;-)

Markus Schiltknecht

flight: 651.80 USD (EUR 495.51 - british airways)
hotel: 10 x 35 USD = 350 USD (room with 2 occupants)
costs total: 1000 USD, of which I can pay 500 USD myself.
total amount needed: 500 USD

Zack Weinberg

285 USD for hotel (if attending at all)

Thomas Moschny

300 USD

Christof Petig

I can pay my flight but I ask for funding for the hotel (300 $).

People who might be able to help with funding, if we run out

Graydon, Jack Cummings

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