We have until January 20 to book rooms at our special rate. This page is to help us figure out roommates and such things. Each room is booked for a particular amount of time, by a particular person -- this is the person that calls the hotel and uses their own credit card. Other people probably want to stay with them too to split costs, but the hotel doesn't care about that (just the number staying in the room), so we have to arrange it separately...

Rooms booked

Booked by Checkin date Checkout date Roommates still wanted? (number) Sleeping here Confirmation No. Room No.
Nathaniel Feb 4 Feb 12 0 Nathaniel, Derek conf# KX9LS7 115
Markus Feb 2 Feb 12 0 Markus, Thomas conf# KX9LX1 102
Christof Feb 2 Feb 10 0 Christof, Siegfried conf# 079LW3 106
Daniel Feb 4 Feb 16 0 Daniel, Graydon conf# KX9LY6
Matthew Feb 3 Feb 12 0 Matthew, Elizabeth conf# KX9LX6 122
Lapo Feb 5 Feb 11 0 Lapo, Gabriele conf# KX9LY3
Tam Feb 9 Feb 11 0 Tam, Jack conf#KX9MOM 126
Zack Feb 5 Feb 12 0 Zack, Justin conf#KX9M2V
Paul Feb 5 Feb 11 0 Paul
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