Brainstorming ideas to be worked on at a future MtnSummit (or in general, really!):

Things we would like to work on

  • daggy fix UI
  • bring cvssync back to work
  • branch reconstruction, cvssync <- cvs_import
  • generic import infrastructure? (e.g. by generalizing cvs and svn sync)
  • tortoiseMTN with guitone backend and stealing code from tortoiseHg
  • automate improvements
    • unification of c++ interfaces
    • error handling/representation
    • implement new Stuff


Reorganize QuickieTasks into a "Tasks" section

The QuickieTasks section should be reorganized into a larger Tasks section of the wiki. The idea here is to give people with time and skills a direction to move towards. Ideally this new section would contain implementation ideas for all of the features we discuss on the mailing list. For an example, see PartialPull.


  • Make DieDieDie finally Die (file resurrection or a delete-blocking cset op for merge) ( This IRC conversation may help explain this, or it may not).

  • Workspace

    • Workspace merge
    • workspace (tree layout) conflict resolution
    • suspend/resume workspace changes (local only commits)
    • revert via editable_working_tree?
    • handle dropped dirs with unversioned paths properly (still an issue?)
  • Selectors

    • redo selectors
    • extend selectors so that one can specify ranges (what is now done with --from and --to for mtn log)
    • branch filters as selectors? --exclude "foo*" -> !b:foo*
  • Hashes

    • store sha1 sums binary in database (speed, size)
    • Think about hash function migration (what we'd need to do, what if anything ought to be done now to prepare)
  • Certs

    • rework cert format
    • un-base64 internal cert representation
  • come to some resolution on the line-ending mess

  • unified inodeprints/unknown/missing cache, possibly with dir-order scanning
  • something like cvs modules to support workspaces drawn from multiple branches
  • symbolic link support (revision control of symlinks, not the targets)
  • large file support


  • add a --preview/--readonly option to push/pull/sync which previews the changes that are pushed or pulled (i.e. grouped by branch) but doesn't do anything else
  • Partial pull (killer feature for OSS projects e.g. OpenEmbedded, Gaim)
  • Pull over HTTP, even if it wastes more bandwith to get things right than Netsync. (See net.venge.monotone.contrib.dumb for a basically working implementation.)
  • Policy branches!
  • think about how to rework netsync into something supportable long term
  • find some kind of solution to the pulling-to-a-database-in-use problem (important for automatic pulls of all kinds -- cron jobs, viewmtn, tracmtn...)

Cleaning up stuff

  • .mtn-ignore cleanup -- make it possible to cancel ignore rules, probably move everything into c++
  • edit comment cleanup -- this code is a mess, the c++ has hard-coded instructions about how the lua code works, etc...
  • cleanup and big enhancements in the automation interface
  • clean up filesystem charset handling

UI / integration

  • Eclipse Plugin
  • A multi-platform GUI (guitone, ...)
  • A visual studio plugin like
  • Monotone-viz on Win32
  • cvs import/sync (data fidelity, branch reconstruction and other correctness)
  • importers from other tools (svn, especially; maybe git, hg...)
  • Log UI stuff (see mailing list -- finer-grained selection of revisions, graph reduction, ascii graph display...)
  • relative path output from ls unknown/ignored/missing/known
  • formatting support for automate
  • Rehaul the i18n stuff (right now, e.g., names from the file system are not translated correctly)
  • color each branch differently in ASCII-k
  • monotone URIs, like mtn:// for push/pull/clone

Integrating a 'branch rename' Command

Currently I have a shell script available which was posted on the Monotone Wiki some time ago. With future changes to monotone it maybe uncertain how long that script will keep working. Next point is, one does always need to have that script available, since renamings must happen on all affected locations. Therefore, and as I have to use branch renaming quite often, it would be nice if that function could be integrated into the mtn binary.

Tools, Documentation, and other things

  • Speed, Performance analysis, large project benchmarking
  • put together another user survey? (SurveyQuestions)
  • port buildbot support forward to buildbot trunk, make it work better, get it integrated upstream
  • documentation and presentation tidyup
  • generation of manpage from internal docstrings (and possibly fleshing those out too)
  • sample monotonerc file? (possibly also available as monotonerc(5), etc.)
  • merge_into_dir monontone dependencies (Botan, lua, etc) into net.venge.monotone
  • advocacy, promotion and tools to help OSS projects to switch to monotone

Add more wishes!

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