Ideas for the Google Summer Of Code 2007

Main page: 2007


  • attach/detach
  • access pattern visualization
  • commit message match status output
  • rename --guess
  • clean
  • diff --ignore-whitespace
  • .mtn-template
  • automatic updating of the sample output in the tutorial

  • subversion importer

  • boost::filesystem::path replacement
  • proper character set and line separator handling based on file attributes
  • some kind of --format="" support for automate
  • selectors overhaul?
  • automated man page generation from the internal option setup
  • make netsync startup fast
  • redo windows pipe support
  • synchronization over dumb protocols (e.g. HTTP, SFTP)
  • LogUI
  • conflict handling
  • .mtn-ignore cleanup -- globbing, move into C++ code (currently handled in lua)
  • unified workspace scan caching
  • make our ssh agent code work on windows (with putty's pageant)

botan/ajisai? What is there we need?

monoclipse (much more sketchy b/c someone who signs up to java/eclipse stuff cannot necessarily fall back on c++/monotone stuff)


Main page:

  • a dag graph view using libqanava, libtulip, graphviz or else
  • a kpart module for the KDE Konqueror based on the existing framework
  • a tortoisecvs/svn alike Windows Explorer add-in, again based on the existing framework
  • a Win32 installer
  • for Python enthusiasts: waf win32 native build support (see net.venge.monotone.guitone.waf branch)
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