Things in common between Paul's proposal and Graydon's

  • At the lowest level branches are identified by OIDs that don't have inherent semantics
  • You follow a "branch descriptor" to get to a branch. The descriptor includes information about:
    • the OID of the branch
    • how to tell good revisions from bad (eg trusted keys)
  • "Policy branches" are versioned branches that contaiin branch descriptors
  • Policy branches don't have policy for themselves, only for other branches
    • Here, is "other branches" == sub branches? Or could contain a policy for - JackLloyd
  • They can have policy for other policy branches and for "normal" branches.
  • Policy branches can provide names for what they refer to with branch descriptors
  • or they can defer everything that is referred to them to another policy branch wholesale
  • To start on a project, users import a top-level project policy branch descriptor
  • ...that they fetch out-of-band, probably by getting it out of the DNS
  • and they give it a name of their own choosing in their own namespace
  • though they'd be best advised to give it the most usual name if they can eg "monotone" for monotone :-)

More to come.

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