Recent changes to this wiki:

Removed unneeded notes field
Update general text
Removed off-topic material
The Neurospaces repo is gone. Some docs amd downloads still exist on SourceForge
Remove dead mtn project - a fork with the same name using svn still exists
Move some projects to \"No longer using\"
Removed dead projects
I2P has moved to Git
Remove dead prjects.
Manually commit changes from online edits.
Move Pidgin and Dropbear SSH - these don't use monotone anymore
Manually commit changes from online edits.
Commit recent changes.
* wiki/BuildBot.mdwn: Use the official name
* wiki/BuildBot.mdwn: The buildbot version got updated.
merge of 'b64a80429bebd1b4ab2bb4fa8bf37f4b8895961f'
and 'd9b4f0ed1db5cefce083aafe336977d578acd4d7'
* wiki/index.developer.mdwn: Made the link to the buildbot accurate.
I've added the manual for buildbot 0.7.12+RL-4, simply because it isn't
published anywhere else.
* wiki/BuildBot.mdwn: Update for current status.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/buildbot.html: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/buildbot.pdf: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/images/master.png: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/images/overview.png: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/images/slavebuilder.png: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/images/slaves.png: New file.
* wiki/BuildBot/buildbot-doc/images/status.png: New file.
merge of '1ee7576f938e566321d3a54200ae8807690424aa'
and '211f7abb91f9d00557afb332e9b8d812c4114c4d'
merge of '4a7a708a52067f3b867c3f91d1aea3e8d08e75c3'
and '66c5ef5fe5144dd3d66260ae522e159048fd5d9e'
rename wiki/extra/contrib/Monotone::AutomateStdio.mdwn to Monotone_AutomateStdio.mdwn for Win32
Use explicit names, or we end up getting 'index.lua' half the time
Add myself a TODO
Commits not done by ikiwiki?
* wiki/extra/get_passphrase_from_file.mdwn: Describe get_passphrase_from_file.
* wiki/extra/authorize_remote_automate.mdwn,
wiki/extra/bash_completion.mdwn, wiki/extra/mtn-cleanup.mdwn: Change
<tt>, </tt>, <pre> and </pre> to their corresponding markdown syntax.
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_revisions.mdwn: Added.
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_branches.mdwn: Update the installation note.
* ikiwiki.setup, ikiwiki-offline.setup: Add the plugins 'highlight'
and 'downloadablesource'.
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_branches.mdwn: Use 'source-raw' to highlight
the source and make it downloadable.
* wiki/templates/repository.mdwn: Make the uri and website into actual
* wiki/templates/extra.mdwn: Make it possible to declare compatibility.
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_branches.mdwn: Declare compatibility.
Change some of the references to BranchRenaming, or the text around those references
* wiki/BranchRenaming.mdwn: Add a note telling pre 0.41 users where to go
Cosmetic change
* old BranchRenaming.mdwn: Moved to Attic.
* new BranchRenaming.mdwn: A complete rewrite, now entirely based on 'mtn suspend'
Small file name spelling mistake
Describe Monotone::AutomateStdio, and use the new the template wiki/templates/repository.mdwn
Cosmetic changes
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_branches.mdwn: Add an example on what it
looks like when sending as well.
Make wiki/extra.mdwn a user path page, and give it a spot in
* wiki/extra/contrib/display_branches.mdwn: add the source and
installation instructions.
Add a new set of pages to describe extra things for monotone, such as
extra programs, useful hooks and more. To make this simple, a template
for a standard display of extras is added (wiki/templates/extra.mdwn).
Because we don't auto-create tags, those we use (extra-type/*) need to be
created before use.
* wiki/InterfacesFrontendsAndTools.mdwn: add mtn repository for DVC
nvm.source-tree-cleanup was merged, contrib/ cleanup started
* wiki/ReferenceCard.mdwn: delete; not current, too hard to keep up; online help is better.
* wiki/index.old.mdwn:
* wiki/index.user.mdwn:
* wiki/wiki-cleanup-list.mdwn: delete ReferenceCard
add CVSPhrasebook.mdwn
explicit merge of '29c6afb2793594fa781f46cbb4d172f2d9d3d39c'
and '9be5f3b62837cd8b445287f6bb81aba62b62684e'
properly sort in show_conflicts, add missing checkout command (from 13.0)
merge of 'ca31578e262d66568ebe57ea9132a663e7cc19a1'
and 'd7d0c4a34ef882aa85b08d068c7a42c642e29ce9'
* wiki/People/StephenLeake.mdwn: add irc nickname
change 'split INSTALL' to 'update INSTALL_windows_native to newer MinGW'
delete fixme; the tutorial is in the manual
fix broken links to SelfHostingInfo
delete old branches
fix broken link
fix broken link
clarify how to become a developer
* wiki/MonotoneProjectServer.mdwn: renamed from SelfHostingInfo.mdwn, improve.
* wiki/index.developer.mdwn: clarify how to become a developer, add mailing list.
merge of '43f5c8bac45b6bfc49ee3ee3087388e8b01d70a1'
and '78373e9013fed0c11b3060d38c3e88e5d55ca88c'
review building/windows
* wiki/Building/Windows.mdwn: clean up
* wiki/index.developer.mdwn: no reason to mention visualc8 separately from other windows build tools
cleaned up TODOs, mention async conflict resolve
moved 'emacs' into 'integrated development environments', moved that next to 'plugins for frontends'
add a ml link for the contrib/ cleanup, add entry for nvm.source-tree-cleanup
link to open issues which have a target milestone of \"1.0\" in the tracker
1.0 won't be released in 2010 - don't lie about that any longer
link fix
merge of '927c4579d49ef2a8c71bc19832a81e3d23522002'
and 'be9e854234ef7cba33648b64e9a1b1b223f4361f'
Move the admin tag page to its proper place
When referring to tags with a wikilink, they have to be prefixed with 'tags/'
Lapo is right about the tags, they are better off being aggregated in one line
merge of '25793dee7773aeb3b3a9cec628bb513e89bc0b3d'
and '33f8dc1bf01a65e1922eddb2773ce228924c4ae5'
merge of '217906b5dcf2256f6cabd04368b4d422126cf1e9'
and '27f15d69d1cf05f70edcb0e24a73999fe05247fa'
tagged as developer, reviewed-ok; formatting fix
further clarified what kind of version numbers can pop up and that devel versions must start >= 90
Angle brackets around http links to have them working.
Some more \"wiki-cleanup-list\"-related love.
Fix links. Tangentially, I think we should really implement those ideas.
Do some of the stuff suggested in 'wiki-cleanup-list'.
Fix a wikilink.
Fix the 'inline' directives.
I already deleted the actual migration tags (in ffe3d51292..), might as well delete the tag pages. ;)
A couple of quick TODO-comments.
This page was changed recently, and it shows; it was only missing a couple of backticks.
I don't think we need to 'review' the user pages, I simply checked them all for syntax.
Markdown syntax; mostly missing newlines before bullet lists.
* wiki/Feature/Obliterate.mdwn: clean up
merge of '01f3afcee9fac0ef7c71a6d28450579b8e506a92'
and 'f483f8268379e9ee9dd708209bbb4b74149176ca'