Here is a list of pages which probably should be mangled / deleted (all from the -auto list of pages). Note that this page is roughly formatted, and is more useful if you enable the ikiwiki camelcase plugin when generating the site (which we don't do by default)


the remaining contents should be moved to QuickieTasks or some ?Ideas page (We might want to clean out the Summit and SoC "Ideas" pages of things which have been accomplished already and start a general "Ideas" page - what do you think?)

Lapo: I like the ?Ideas idea; done.


should be moved into or below the new Ideas/ page.

Lapo: sound more like BestPractices fodder to me.


anybody really considering this on his personal todo? should be moved to Ideas/DocumentationImprovements or something similar


this very much reminds me that I should finally come around with a completed cheat sheet of the mtn command reference - I started on one some time ago in contrib/ - this page should, however, either be completed or removed and/or point to the appropriate manual section.


whats left on this todo list is IPv6 testing - this one item should be moved to Ideas or QuickieTasks


move this to Ideas

Lapo: done.


clean this up and move it under Ideas/


would be a great entry page for the CvsSync & friends pages, no?


move to Ideas/NetsyncImprovements with a hint maybe to nuskool


as the name implicates, this is old and should probably completly removed.

Lapo: I do agree.


this is already listed on BestPractices and should probably be moved under this page (the same goes for all other pages listed there)


move it into the TipsTricksScripts page? We could move AutomateMagic and several other missing ones there as well to get a better grouping.


delete this, it just didn't work out (i.e. nobody really used it)

Lapo: still seems a page with a good potential to me.


drop that, we have pivot_root

Lapo: I do agree.


seems to match best under some Upgrade/ page


uhh, another Todo page - clean up and move to ?Ideas/.


Nathaniels comment about super-safer-complete test coverage was apparently already fulfilled... no serious bugs in his code ;) Shall we maybe move this and other similar wiki pages to an Attic/ directory or simply remove them?


move to ?Ideas/

Lapo: done.


move to ?Ideas/

Lapo: done.


move to Ideas/LuaTestImprovements or something similar


uhh... wow. anybody still up for that?


remove that


move to ?Ideas/


move to ?Ideas/


should be merged / cleaned up with the ?Ideas/ pages

Thanks that you read until here - now a few things become apparent after going through all these pages:

a) it might be useful to further group stuff under Ideas/ if we really want to move all the above mentioned things in there

b) a better grouping eases the navigation in the wiki's contents a lot and should help us also to create a much better frontpage for first time users

c) with all this wiki-niceness when it comes to feature requests, we may have forgotten those which still reside in savannah - I have the feeling that we should use this a bit more anyways - or choose a different system which incorporates better with the other things we use. One simple thing to start on would be f.e. to move over feature requests from savannah to the wiki and disallow the "feature" ticket type there

In the end I don't know if people are up for more organisation - we develop a distributed vcs, people work distributed, think distributed and obviously write distributed / rather unorganized. The above list was my obvious attempt to centralize and organize a few things better, but still, I have no idea if this is actually wanted by the rest of the crowd...

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