This is about what we do during MergeViaWorkingDir or WorkspaceConflicts in order to turn the "insane" (technical term) roster into a "sane" one so we can actually write it out. This is not a resolution to the conflict! This is only the mechanical, least-effort repair that lets us get out to where we can take user interaction.

There are seven kinds of conflicts that roster merge can produce: each is a subsection below.


Attach somewhere, i.e. make up a name that we know does not exist (because we checked)

Record name in left, right

  • left: parent name and basename

  • right: parent name and basename


make up some content (with <<<< in)

"add" left, right, "L"CA tempfiles


need: key, value on left; value on right


make up name, maybe in a subdir, attach it

record old name / parent


attach both somewhere

want to know what the old name(s) were


this occurs from two directories a and b by renaming a to b/a on one side, b to a/b on the other

attach somewhere


attach somewhere


create one

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