The idea of holding some sort of sprint has come up. (I.e., getting a bunch of us together to hack like mad.) To better explore the idea, put a note here if you might be interested in attending, and where you are:

(Add another section if you're somewhere not covered yet)

Mountain View 2007

Google (specifically OSPO, the group behind has offered to let us host at their Mtn View headquarters, feed us, and "defray lodging costs" (which may mean "provide free hotel rooms", and at the very least means "use their purchasing power to get us good hotel rates").

Dates: To figure out what date works, put in what weeks you might be able to do things! Do not worry if you are important enough for us to worry about scheduling around you or anything like that, just put down the information and we will worry about that when we can see what conflicts there are!

Week Code
January 8-14 A
January 15-21 B
January 22-28 C
Jan. 29-Feb. 4 D
February 5-11 E
February 12-18 F
February 19-25 G
Feb. 26-Mar. 4 H

Use uppercase if you would be interested in attending for the whole week, lowercase if you would be interested in attending for the trailing weekend.

North America

  • Nathaniel Smith (njs) -- San Diego, California -- ABCDEFGH
  • Graydon Hoare (graydon) -- Vancouver, BC, Canada (west coast) -- ABCDEFGH, modulo whims of ECMAscript committee
  • Zack Weinberg (zwol) -- San Diego, California
  • Steven Harris -- San Diego, California
  • Matthew Nicholson (man, matthew_i) -- Huntsville, Alabama
  • Derek Scherger (dscherger) -- Calgary, AB, Canada -- ABCDEFGH
  • Evan Deaubl (outlet) -- Tucson, AZ, US -- :( No-go for me, can't take any vacation until after February. Maybe the next one!


I ain't a monotone developer but if you guys from Europe come, for any reason, to the conclusion that you would like to meet in Hannover, Germany, let me know and we might see whether I can host you. - Dirk Hillbrecht, dh(at)

  • Thomas Keller (tommyd) -- Leipzig, Germany -- EFG -- Sometime in February in Germany (can't afford a plane ticket)
  • Richard Levitte (gizmo1) -- Stockholm, Sweden -- AFGH potentially all week, BDE weekend only -- Preference: weekend
  • Markus Schiltknecht -- Berlin, Germany -- ABCDEFGH
  • Thomas Moschny (thm) -- Karlsruhe (or Wuppertal), Germany
  • Christof Petig -- Wuppertal, Germany
  • Jon Bright -- Herdecke, Germany (between Wuppertal and Dortmund)
  • Lapo Luchini -- Milano, Italy -- potentially ABCDEFG if I can get the flight soon enough (I asked at work and they wouldn't miss me for a week)

I'm not a monotone developer, but i'd be willing to do an Eclipse integration sprint.

  • Ulf Ochsenfahrt (ulfjack) -- Rostock, Germany -- ABCDEFGH

Australia etc.

Note that 2007 in Sydney is running 15th-20th January 2007.

  • Matthew Gregan (kinetik) -- Christchurch, New Zealand -- EFGH
  • Matt Johnston (msh) -- Perth, Australia
  • Grahame Bowland (grahame) -- Perth, Australia
  • Daniel Carosone (uep) -- Melbourne, Australia -- BCDEFGH, with some preference for later dates to provide more notice. Interested in coming to Mtn View if I can make it, otherwise happy to hop over to Perth for a local concurrent gathering (or to do that as well some other time).
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