Put newbie info about lua tests here.

Please write your observations about not obvious things when playing with lua tests.

How to run lua tests

One must build tester make tester # on unix make tester.exe NOTE if you invoke make tester on mingw make will try to build tester using implicit make rules and will fail miserably. That's the reason for giving .exe suffix.

To run the tests invoke following command:

./tester ./tester lua-testsuite.lua [tests ...]

Testsuite invoked without any test names invoke all tests.

How to build lua tests

This is basic unittesting stuff. Interesting functions:

function name description
check( condition: boolean) fails when condition is not met
qgrep( pattern: string, filename: string) returns true if pattern is found in given file
check( mtn(args ...), expected_return_value,catch_stdout, catch_stderr) idiom: invoke monotone with given args, check return status and possibly remember its standard and diagnostic output
get(filename) read contents of file and return string
mkdir(name) create directory
addfile(name, contents) idiom for writefile(name, contents) , mtn add name
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