This wiki has attachments disabled.

If attachments are enabled, the wiki admin can control what types of attachments will be accepted, via the allowed_attachments configuration setting.

For example, to limit most users to uploading small images, and nothing else, while allowing larger mp3 files to be uploaded by joey into a specific directory, and check all attachments for viruses, something like this could be used:

virusfree() and ((user(joey) and podcast/*.mp3 and mimetype(audio/mpeg) and maxsize(15mb)) or (mimetype(image/*) and maxsize(50kb)))

The regular PageSpec syntax is expanded with the following additional tests:

  • "maxsize(size)" - tests whether the attachment is no larger than the specified size. The size defaults to being in bytes, but "kb", "mb", "gb" etc can be used to specify the units.

  • "minsize(size)" - tests whether the attachment is no smaller than the specified size.

  • "ispage()" - tests whether the attachment will be treated by ikiwiki as a wiki page. (Ie, if it has an extension of ".mdwn", or of any other enabled page format).

    So, if you don't want to allow wiki pages to be uploaded as attachments, use !ispage() ; if you only want to allow wiki pages to be uploaded as attachments, use ispage().

  • "mimetype(foo/bar)" - checks the MIME type of the attachment. You can include a glob in the type, for example mimetype(image/*).

  • "virusfree()" - checks the attachment with an antiviral program.

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