Show log entries for a given SELECTOR

$ mtn automate select SELECTOR | mtn automate toposort -@- | xargs -L1 mtn log --last=1 -r

Query the root or tail revision of BRANCH

$ mtn automate heads BRANCH | mtn automate ancestors -@- | mtn automate toposort -@- | head -n1

Optionally, add another | xargs -L1 mtn ls certs to query for the certs of the revision.

Find the base revision on another BRANCH

This is useful if you want to generate a diff between the current head of a branch (taken from current workspace, see the second sub-command) and the branch your work is based on (specified in the first sub-command: nvm in the example).

$ mtn au common_ancestors `mtn au select h:net.venge.monotone` `mtn au select h:`|mtn au erase_ancestors -@-
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