This page will introduce some of the members of the monotone development team, their responsibilities and their contact data i.e. IRC nick.

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Alex Queiroz (ventonegro)

Anthony Cooper (aecooper)

  • uses monotone since May 2007
  • I haven't actually worked on monotone yet
  • author of the mtn-browse application and the Monotone::AutomateStdio Perl CPAN library module
  • contact:
  • IRC: OFTC network (rarely logged in) (Nick: aecoope)
  • homepage:

Christoph Petig

Daniel Carosone (uep)

  • uses monotone since June 2005
  • works (a little) on monotone since Sept 2005
  • meddles mostly on documentation
  • contact: dan (a) geek com au

Derek Scherger (dscherger)

  • uses monotone since April 2004
  • works on monotone since May 2004
  • responsible for restrictions code and various other things
  • contact:

Evan Deaubl (outlet)

  • uses monotone since September 2006
  • works on monotone since September 2006
  • for now, picking tasks that I can actually do given lack of familiarity with the codebase and very rusty C++
  • contact: evan AT warpedview DOT com

Graydon Hoare (graydon)

  • wrote the initial version (starting summer/fall 2002)
  • mostly passive now, still do some features and optimization, design discussion
  • contact:

Jack Cummings (Necronom)

  • uses monotone since November 2003
  • works on monotone since well, I've never had a patch accepted. :)
  • using monotone for absurd things, like storing Maildirs.
  • contact

Lapo Luchini (lapo)

  • uses monotone since Sep 2005
  • works on monotone since Jan 2006
  • involved in translation into Italian
  • contact:
  • residence: Milano, Italy

Larry Hastings (lch)

  • uses monotone since October 2005
  • mostly doesn't work on monotone
  • author of m7 monotone front-end
  • contact:

Markus Schiltknecht

I've married and am now known as MarkusWanner, please update your links.

Markus Wanner

Besides monotone, I'm also working on replication solutions for Postgres, see for that.

Matt Johnston (msh)

  • uses monotone since June 2004
  • works on monotone since November 2004
  • involved in various bits, botan, some performance
  • contact: msh on irc, matt at

Matthew Gregan (kinetik)

  • using monotone since November 2003
  • working on monotone since April 2005
  • meddling in various areas
  • contact:

Matthew Nicholson

Nathaniel Smith (njs)

  • works on monotone since Aug 2003
  • uses monotone since Sep 2003
  • too many pies, not enough fingers
  • contact:
  • IRC nick: njs

Patrick Mauritz (oxygene)

  • uses monotone since approx. october 2003
  • works on monotone since late 2003
  • responsible for porting monotone to solaris and sun studio compiler
  • contact: oxygene AT studentenbude DOT ath DOT cx

Richard Levitte (gizmo1)

Stephen Leake (stephe)

  • uses monotone since May 2007
  • works on monotone since May 2007
  • involved in automate inventory, file sutures (abandoned), conflict resolution
  • contact: stephen_leake AT stephe-leake DOT org
  • Homepage:

Also Emacs DVC monotone frontend developer.

Firstname Lastname (IRC Nick)

  • uses monotone since ...
  • works on monotone since ...
  • involved in ...
  • ...

Thomas Keller (tommyd)

  • uses monotone since Jan 2006
  • works on monotone since Mar 2006
  • contact: me AT thomaskeller DOT biz
  • IRC: OFTC and Freenode networks (Nick: tommyd)
  • Homepage:

Release manager for monotone, automate / UI developer, German language translator.

Thomas Moschny (thm)

  • uses monotone since Jul 2005
  • works on monotone since Apr 2006
  • meddling in various areas, especially automation
  • currently maintaining the zsh completion
  • contact:

Timothy Brownawell (tbrownaw)

  • uses monotone since Spring 2005
  • works on monotone since Spring 2005
  • meddles in all sorts of things (new testsuite, automate stdio, some of *-merge, ...)
  • wrote a number of useful tools that work with monotone (mtsh, usher, webhost, basic_io tools)
  • contact:

Zack Weinberg (zwol)

  • uses monotone since Jun 2006
  • works on monotone since Jun 2006
  • involved in workspace merge and various random hacks
  • contact: zackw AT panix DOT com
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