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Chad Walstrom

GNU Arch refugee since monotone 0.18.

  • e-mail: chewie AT wookimus DOT net
  • Debian Developer (chewie AT debian DOT org)
  • GNU GNATS Maintainer (chewie AT gnu DOT org)

Craig Lennox

I've been a happy user of Monotone since 0.15.

Emile Snyder

Hugo Mills

Jack Lloyd

Wrote/maintains Botan. Used to work on OpenCM, which was somewhat Monotone-like.

Justin Patrin

For more info:

Marcel van der Boom



Hello there. I was a programmer for a long time and have worked on two "distributed version control systems" in the past. I am evaluating the monotone project and perhaps will be able to contribute in interesting ways.

I would not have been able to get my head around the Monotone model (at least not nearly as easily) if not for the patient+helpful people on the #monotone IRC channel, with whose help I started AlternativeOverview and Buidling on Mac.

Paul Crowley

Cryptography guy. This summit will be my first time coding for Monotone.


  • Fix the buildbot
  • Expand on HACKING wrt message formatting rules
  • Check the results around issue 120
  • Keep on checking out contrib/

Ethan Blanton

Ethan Blanton, a.k.a. Paco-Paco or elb on #monotone

Gaim developer.

Georg-W. Koltermann