We're planning to hold another MtnSummit, in early 2008, this time in Europe!

Ideas lists many ideas we collected for last years summit, but weren't able to complete. If you have more to wishes, make sure to add them there.

How Can I attend?

Our bar is strict but low: if you're willing to work, you're welcome to come. Even if you haven't worked with monotone source before, we'll help you get started -- or help with the docs, or testing... plenty of work for everyone.

To show your interest, put your name below and indicate what dates might work for you.


The offical summit is from April 28, 10:00 until May 4, 19:00.


Technologiezentrum Wuppertal W-tec GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Straße 1-9 42119 Wuppertal Germany

Because we are only so few, we must into another house; now it is house 1 (first building on the left side of the street). Room number is 3.1 (third floor).


from airport Düsseldorf (DUS) to Wuppertal main station

  • costs 9,10 Euro, ticket "Preisstufe C" valid for train and bus
  • take train to "Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof" (main station)
  • take train "S8" from platform no 9 3/4 to "Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof" (main station)

from airport Düsseldorf-Weeze (NRN) to Wuppertal main station

  • costs 18.10 EUR, a ticket in the so-called "NRW-Tarif", which allows you to use a bus or tram to resp. from the first/last train station
  • 2h on weekdays, 2.5h in weekend

from airport Frankfurt (FRA) to Wuppertal main station

  • costs 46-67 Euro, depending on used train
  • 1.5-3 h, depending on used train

Wuppertal main station to w-tec

  • costs 2.10 Euro, ticket "Preisstufe A" (you don't need this, if you have ticket "Preisstufe C" from DUS, or a ticket in the "NRW-Tarif" ), four tickets cost 7.40 Euro
  • go through the tunnel to bus platform no. 6
  • take bus no. 603 direction "Schulzentrum Süd" or bus no. 625 direction "Berghausen"
  • exit at bus stop "Friedenshain"
  • follow street "Jägerhofstraße" towards east, which changes name to "Vorm Eichholz" over the bridge; after 100m turn left into "Lise-Meitner-Str", it's next to the Delphi building (which is easily spotted) map
  • w-tec, because we are only so few, we must into another house; now it is house 1 (first building on the left side of the street)
  • follow the signs to the company NETfinish logo


it's up to you, nothing organized at the moment

The university mensa of Campus Freudenberg is 5 minutes from there, has excellent vegeterian food for 3.60 Euro (1.80 Euro proven students) (On weekdays, note that 1st of May is a public holiday in Germany.)


  • earlier arrival is possible from april 25 (Friday) late in the evening
  • later departure is possible until may 11 (Sunday)


name email mobile phone arrival departure airport funding needed? comments (food allergy)
Siegfried Herbold mtnsummit herbold info +49 160 97949444 Apr 25, 20:00 by car no
Lapo Luchini lapo@lapo.it +39 347 2270475 Apr 24 evening in Düsseldorf, Apr 27 late evening in Wuppertal May 4, 20:21 Wuppertal Hbf by train no 25-27 my girlfriend will be present and we're mainly interested in Düsseldorf sightseeing, then I'll reach Wuppertal alone
Thomas Keller me thomaskeller biz +49 175 4661198 Apr 28, 12:12 Wuppertal Hbf May 3, 7:53 Wuppertal Hbf no by train
Thomas Moschny thomas.moschny (at) gmx.de +49 162 9149292 Apr 27 evening May 1 evening car no Don't need lodging.
Christof Petig christof.petig (at) arcor.de +49 177 5816961 already there no vegetarian
Richard Levitte richard (at) levitte org +46 708 265344 Apr 28 May 4 by car? Low amount of meat (almost vegetarian)
Daniel Carosone dan geek com au Apr 26 12:05 May 5 DUS May spend some time sightseeing around DUS after arrival until evening of 27th, especially if others are interested in doing same.
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Apr 28, first official day of summit

~10:00 first official meeting @ w-tec with breakfast
14:00 lunch @w-tec
18:00 evening meal @w-tec

Apr 29 - May 4

@09:00 breakfast @w-tec
13-14:00 lunch @w-tec
18-19:00 evening meal @w-tec

Note that the 1st of May is a public holiday in Germany (Jesus' Ascension and May Day).

local costs

  • local transport for whole week ~30 Euro
  • food for whole week ~100 Euro
  • beer <1000 Euro

expected temperature range

14°C +/-8 °C (= 57°F +/- 14°F for metric impaired)

take with you

  • laptop
  • lan-cable
  • power adaptor for germany (230V, 50Hz)
  • multiple socket (if you need more than one device)
  • brain, fast fingers


and more ...

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