Seriously, mtn status doesn't really have the friendliest UI.

Things it should tell:

  • what's changed in the current working copy (in concise, human-friendly, i18nized form)
  • what branch we're on
  • what the base revision is (?)
  • unknown files (listing them if just a few, suppressing the list to say " unknown files" if there are lots)
  • missing files (currently status will fail if there are missing files)
  • if there are other heads (maybe only if we're at the head? i.e., hint about running merge)
  • if update would do anything (maybe details on what it would do, if they're short? i.e., listing files that would be affected if you hit update now?)
  • when we have MergeViaWorkingDir: unresolved conflicts

Other cool status things

  • status -r ... to compare the current workspace with an arbitrary revision (this will probably require status to handle missing files better)
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