Montone project server

We have a central netsync server (a copy of monotone serving the netsync protocol) with a number of contributors. This is where we store our versions of monotone, including releases and merges from other people and whatnot. This can be read by anyone, but those who have signed up as developers can add things to it. Setting yourself up to read from our server is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get or build a copy of the most recent monotone release; see downloads.
  2. Clone the database and checkout the main branch.

    $ # Command for monotone <=0.48
    $ mtn --db=mtn.db clone mtn:// "net.venge.monotone*" \
          -b net.venge.monotone monotone
    $ # Command for monotone >=0.99
    $ mtn --db=mtn.db clone "mtn://*" \
          -b net.venge.monotone monotone
    mtn: initializing new database '/home/levitte/tmp/mtn.db'
    mtn: doing anonymous pull; use -kKEYNAME if you need authentication
    mtn: connecting to mtn://
    mtn: first time connecting to server mtn://
    mtn: I'll assume it's really them, but you might want to double-check
    mtn: their key's fingerprint: 2c88403f0ed546df96ccec57ab3072aa73a05e71
    mtn: warning: saving public key for to database
    mtn: finding items to synchronize:
    mtn: bytes in | bytes out | certs in | revs in
    mtn:   41.2 k |       480 |        0 |       0
    mtn: bytes in | bytes out |    certs in |     revs in
    mtn:   96.6 M |       528 | 56183/56183 | 13874/13874
    mtn: successful exchange with mtn://

    Note the key fingerprint in that output; you may wish to verify that it really is 2c88403f0ed546df96ccec57ab3072aa73a05e71.

    This is your initial pull so it will take a bit of time, as it has to transfer a few megabytes of history to you. Subsequent pulls will be much faster.

  3. You will now find yourself with a checked out working copy in the directory `monotone' (your workspace), which you can build, edit, merge, commit, etc. To build, follow the instructions in montone/INSTALL for your system.

  4. In the future, you can pull new versions from our server and update your working copy from your database using these commands:

    $ cd monotone
    $ mtn pull
    $ mtn update
  5. To register as a developer, see the instructions under `Applying' on the Indefero server.

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