Developing monotone

Hi, you're hopefully here because you want to help develop monotone somehow. There's quiet a lot of information around this, I hope these pages will help. The mailing list is the place to ask for more help.

Getting monotone

Primary monotone development is coordinated thru the MonotoneProjectServer. There is also an Indefero server, hosting an issues list. You must be registered in the Indefero server to have write access to the monotone project server.

There is also a project to maintain MonotoneOnDebian.

Building monotone

In most cases, all you need is to download a copy of the monotone source and read the README and INSTALL files (and maybe other files, as indicated in those).

Some times, however, this isn't enough, and you may need further instructions. Here are a few more set of instructions:


BuildBots are fully automated test systems; they checkout each commit, and run all tests. We need to maintain one for each target platform. See for the currently active BuildBots; if your platform isn't represented there, please consider providing one; see BuildBot for info on how to set one up.

What can I do?

If you don't know what to do, there's always the possibility to have a look at the QuickieTasks, it's often a good starting point for new developers.

Another idea is to have a look for things to work on in the roadmap.

Otherwise, you could have a look at the ?multitude of topics of discussion and pick something to work on from there.

More to read

Here are the 10 most up to date pages for developers:

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If you want the whole list, look here.